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Loos & Co Inc.

At Loos & Company our goal is to be the first one you turn to when you need aircraft cable, wire rope, cable assemblies, brush wire or stainless and nickel alloy wire products. We manufacture only the highest quality products to meet the strictest specifications. We strive to be the best at providing you with the information, delivery schedules and pricing you need. Our focus is clear: Deliver what matters most to you, order after order. Trust Loos & Company with your Aircraft Cable, Wire, Brush Wire, and Wire Rope needs.
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Knitted Wire Mesh

With a unique mixture of metallurgical and structural properties, our Knitted Wire Mesh products offer high performance, customizable solutions in sealing, noise dampening, and filtration/process separation applications. Learn more about our Knitted Wire Mesh products.

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The Hotwire! Loos & Company's Blog

Take a moment to check out our rantings and ravings on everything from stainless steel wire and wire rope manufacturing to current industry infomation and new product releases.

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