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Loos & Company Coated Cable


Loos & Company Red Jacketed Cable

Extruding a plastic jacket onto aircraft cable or wire rope will provide extra abrasion resistance, added protection in extreme conditions, and a splash of color! Loos and Company is capable of coating a wide range of sizes (1/32” – 1 3/8”) and types. We offer stock nylon and vinyl in the following colors:

-REFLEXLITE® Reflective Cable

Loos and Company's Coated Cable is available in a variety of jacketing materials. Beyond standard plastics, Loos and Company offers our highly specialized LOLON® series, designed to meet the specific needs of your application. Below are the standard jacketing materials offered by Loos and Company, with customized materials available upon request. To learn more about each material, download our Jacket Materials Brochure.



Jacketed Cable Reels
Scroll down to search our extensive listing of Coated Cables by part number, jacket material, cable material, and construction. If you do not find exactly what you are searching for, our Aircraft Cable, Wire Rope, and Reflexlite® Reflective Cable listings have additional materials and constructions for your review. To place an order, or answer any additional questions you may have, please contact a Product Manager. To learn more about outside diameter tolerances for Jacketed Cable, visit our Technical Information Page.

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302/304:   Also known as 18-8 (18% chrome and 8% nickel nominal). This alloy is the most common of stainless. Steel alloys providing good corrosion resistance and strength comparable to galvanized carbon steel grades.
GALVANIZED:   Zinc coated carbon steel offers some corrosion resistance. G1070 is the most common grade used in aircraft cable and wire rope. It remains ductile over long periods of working. Usually higher break strengths than stainless steels.
Search by Construction Type:
 1X7 Wire Rope
Non flexible

For straight load applications, in smaller diameters used as fishing leaders and line. In larger diameters it is used for guy wire and messenger strand applications
 3X19 Wire Rope
Moderately Flexible

Rotational Resistant rope used predominantly in Oceanographic and Mooring applications.
 3X7 Aircraft Cable

A combination of three 1x7 strands. Very flexible in small diameters for aircraft control.
 6X19 Wire Rope

True working wire ropes. These constructions are used extensively in heavy duty hoisting cranes. Also used in shovels, dredges, skidders, excavators, logging and oil field applications.
 7X19 Aircraft Cable
Very Flexible

Used when flexibility and fatigue are concerns. Aircraft controls, running rigging on sailboats, exercise equipment, winches and garage doors are all common applications.
 7X7 Aircraft Cable
Moderately Flexible

For use where extreme flexibility is not necessary. Commonly used in aircraft and automotive controls, it performs highly in a wide range of mechanical applications.
Search by Jacket Type:
NYLON: Flexible, durable plastic
POLYPROPYLENE: Hard, durable plastic
REFLEXLITE: Vinyl with reflective strip for improved visibility
VINYL: Soft, flexible multi-purpose plastic