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Loockheed Cable AssembliesCable Assemblies and HardwareCable FAQ’s


Doing Business with Loos

• Sales and Customer Service •

Where can I get a catalog?
You can download a copy of our current catalog here.
Is there a distributor in my area?
Contact your sales representative or speak with a product manager.  We can provide you with a list of purchase options, including buying direct from us or going through distribution.
How can I get a quotation?
You can send us an inquiry on a product or assembly you are interested in or contact a product manager directly. We would appreciate the opportunity to quote your requirements!
How long are your quotes valid?
30 days
Is there a minimum order quantity?
Yes. In most cases, to buy directly from us you will need to make a minimum purchase. That minimum is $500.00 per line item for all cable assemblies and commercial grade bulk cables and $1000.00 per line item for all Military Specification cables.  If you are interested in small lengths of cable, please call and speak to a product manager ‎to discuss what we have available for you in remnant inventory (short reels) and distributor stock.
Do you sell hardware?
No. Hardware is offered through our Cableware Division located in Naples, FL. While we have the same name and ownership, we operate as two independent divisions. You will have to contact them directly to place a hardware order.
Do you sell electrical cable?
No. We sell mechanical cable.
Where can I find a copy of a cable’s specification?
You may search for the cable by description or part number and locate the product specification sheet on our website.
If I need to return material, who do I contact?
Contact your product manager and you will be issued an RMA for the return of material.
I’m not sure if I have requested the correct cable. Can I have a sample?
Absolutely! Once you have a chance to use our cable, you will be convinced of our quality and reliability. Contact a product manager and they will provide you with a sample of the cable you need.
What are your standard Terms and Conditions?
Download a PDF version of our Standard Terms and Conditions

• Pricing •

How do you price your products?
Cable products are sold in linear increments (feet, meters), Wire is sold by weight (pounds, kilograms).
Why am I charged a surcharge?
Like all manufacturers, we negotiate our raw material prices as far in advance as is possible. However, fluctuations in the metals markets necessitate that steel mills pass along certain costs to us related to the alloys used in the manufacture of steel.
Is freight included in your price?
No. Our pricing is FOB Factory, Freight Collect.
Do you charge for certifications?

• Shipping •

What are your standard shipping terms?
FOB Factory, Freight Collect. However, we will prepay a common carrier and add freight to your invoice if you prefer.
What carriers can I request for shipment?
We are serviced by all national carriers. If you used a specific carrier for all your shipments, provide us with the contact information and we will work with them to collect and deliver your goods.
How are your orders packaged?
We ship all cable in coils or on reels. We package lighter shipments in boxes and heavier shipments on pallets. If you have a preferred packaging method, contact your product manager and/or note your requirements on your purchase order.
Can an order be drop shipped to a third party location?
Do you export cable?
Why am I being asked for an end user statement?
Compliance with current federal export regulations requires that we keep records of all exported items, which includes the information we have requested from you and your end user.

• Payment Terms and Conditions •

What are your standard payment terms?
Net 30 Days.
What other forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by Check, C.O.D., Wire Transfer, and Credit/Debit Cards
Aircraft CableAircraft Cable Aircraft CableWe welcome American Express® Cards
How will I receive my credit for a returned product?
Unless other arrangements are made, your credit will be applied to your account.

Our Products

• Sizes •

What size cables do you manufacture?
Our standard diameter sizes range from .012” to 1.25”
What wire sizes can you draw?
We draw wire in standard increments from .002” to .188”
Do you manufacture metric sizes?
Yes. We would be happy to provide you a quotation for metric wire and cables.
What size cable do I need?
The size of cable you will need depends upon your application. Contact a product manager and they will work with you to determine what configuration will work best in your application.

• Performance •

To what qualifications are your cables tested?
Depending upon the cable you are requesting, we manufacture and test to the applicable military and federal specifications.
Is Military Specification cable better than commercial grade cable?
Military Specification cable has been designed to be superior to commercial grade cable for certain performance parameters, including breaking strength after endurance cycling. Contact a product manager to discuss your application and determine which cable is appropriate.
What is the difference between stainless steel grades 302/304 & 316?
In general, different grades of stainless steel include different levels of trace alloys that are designed to provide more or less corrosion resistance.  Type 316 provides an improvement in corrosion resistance over type 302/304.
Are your stainless steel cables nonmagnetic?
They are not totally nonmagnetic. All 300 series stainless steel materials will work harden and increase magnetism with normal bending (cold working) such as that of typical cable application. Grade 304 may exhibit quite strong response to a magnet, whereas Grades 310 and 316 will in most instances still be almost totally non-responsive. Our SS305 cables, while still magnetic, are designed to meet the "nonmagnetic" mechanical performance criteria of specification MIL-DTL-18375.
Will my cable stretch?
All cable will stretch under load. To learn more, contact a product manager
How do I calculate a minimum bend radius?
The minimum bend radius of a cable is a function of its construction. Contact a product manager for general design parameters when working with cable.

• Manufacture •

Where are your cables made?
Our cables are made at our facility in Pomfret, CT  USA
Do you manufacture custom cables and cable assemblies?
Yes. Send us an inquiry and we will be happy to quote your requirement
Can you make samples and/or prototypes?
Yes. Contact a product manager to discuss you sampling/prototyping options.
Can you supply manufacturer’s certifications?
Yes. We are the manufacturer and will be happy to provide you with our certifications.
What constructions are available?
Our standard constructions are 1x7, 3x7, 1x19, 1x37, 3x19, 7x7, 7x19, 19x7, 6x19 class IWRC, and 6x37class IWRC. We can manufacture customer constructions upon request.
What does preformed mean?
Preformed cable has been processed through a series of dies to shape the individual wires and maintain the shape of the finished cable. Preformed cable can be cut without “flying”, or unraveling.
Are your cables DFAR compliant?
Most of our stock Military specification cables are manufactured to qualify to DFAR requirements. If you require DFAR compliant cable, notify your product manager at the time of quotation or order.
Will your cable qualify to the Buy American Act?
We can provide cable that qualifies to the Buy American Act. Please advise your product manager at the time of quotation or order that your requirement is to the Buy American Act.
Are your cables 100% Domestic?
They certainly can be. We manufacture our cables at our facility in Pomfret, CT. We source our raw material on the global market. If you require cable that is 100% Domestic, notify your product manager at the time of quotation or order and we will manufacture it for you.