Community Commitment

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Community Commitment

At Loos and Company, we firmly believe in the importance of helping those in and around the Pomfret, Connecticut community. We have established a passionate team here at Loos who feel that giving back to the community is really important. Our employee drive and initiative allows Loos and Company to provide support for numerous industries, including healthcare, veterans, volunteering programs, and food banks. Here at Loos, our core values are rooted in helping one another and that is why we have a long history in supporting individuals and companies within Pomfret.

Loos and Company believe the three main areas of community commitment we should focus on are outreach, involvement, and support. By targeting each of these key areas, Loos can assist those in and around our community with the resources they need most.

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We try to be very involved with the community. These partnerships are central to our mission here at Loos.”
-Loos Director of Corporate Marketing Robert Davis.