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Aircraft Cable

Loos and Company manufactures and stocks aircraft cable to commercial and military specifications in stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel, and a variety of other alloys.

Wire Rope

Loos and Company manufactures and stocks wire rope in stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel, and a variety of other alloys.

Stainless & Alloy Wire

For half a century, Loos and Company has pioneered and thrived in the highly critical profession of wire drawing for use in commercial, military, aerospace, and specialty industries.

Brush Wire

With over 60 years of experience, the Loos and Company Jewel Wire Division has been manufacturing custom brush wire products to perform under the harshest situations.

Cable Assemblies

With over 50 years of experience, Loos and Company is the market leader for critical cable assembly applications.

Fitness Cable

For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers have relied on Loos and Company cable as the only cable used in their equipment.

Looking for Medical Wire and Cable Products?

Visit for more detail on the medical wire and cable products we offer. 

Welcome to the new, 100% Vaccinated Loos & Co., Inc. We are happy to announce that as of that date, all Loos & Company employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Our employees join the over 500 additional CWI team members at 11 North American Facilities that are 100% vaccinated. “Like many employers, we have had to make tough decisions related to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and its variants”, says Paul From, President and CEO of Central Wire Industries. Learn More