Loos & Co., Inc. Employees Take Pride in Their Work Video Transcript

Loos & Co., Inc. Employees Take Pride in Their Work Video Transcript: 

Hi, my name is Rozelle




I work at Loos and Company in Pomfret Connecticut

I am a medtech operator on second shift

I am an inside sales rep

I work in the rope mill

I’m in the sales department

I’ve been here a little over four years

Three years

Two and a half years

I actually started two and a half years ago. I started as a med tech operator. Shortly after starting I wad deemed okay to do training and I have been a trainer on second shift for med tech ever since

A lot of people that work in the office started working out in the mill

I have seen several people go from cable tech to the front office working in IT

There’s various opportunities for people. Some people just feel comfortable where they’re at but I feel like the opportunity is there to advance if you wanna do that

When I think about a career I think about a place that I could go not only show up to punch in and punch out, I could do that anywhere. I look for a place I can be challenged but also meets my creativity but also can pay the bills

One thing that’s really nice at Loos is they are an entry level position

So basically you can come in here with no experience and you’re gonna get an extensive amount of training

You learn from all different people a million different ways to do everything that you need to do. Those different perspectives are what’s gonna help things click as far as learning what you need to know

You make a mistake, its addressed. You work on it. You know you have your intersections where you have a three month, a six month, a nine month, and a one year so you can see how you’re going, how you’re doing each and every step of the way

So those little benchmarks are really important to the professional development of each employee

I was one of those people that came in here with no manufacturing experience and if you’ve got that open mind and you’re willing to learn and you’re willing to take those challenges on and say I’m gonna solve these, then you’re going to do fine

Everybody’s always willing to help and teach, everyday is learning. The resources here have been wonderful

I always have the right you know people to go to for answers when I don’t know something

People actually pay attention to how far you’ve come since you’ve started so it’s nice, it’s really nice

You get recognized, you don’t feel like a number here

You do get your added voice and you do get your pats on your back

There’s a real sense of accountability that people who work here have

Everybody that goes to work wants to feel valued, they want to feel protected, they want to feel they’re contributing to something better, something bigger

My passion I think is taking pride in everything I do

I’m feeling more personally confident, going as far as I have come

It’s a huge confident boost

I had the obstacles of learning and then feeling confident again. Feeling confident as I have learned and can speak. Customers call me I can answer a question. When I first came in here, I was like ah can somebody help

Now I’m taking control