Loos & Co., Inc: More Than Just A Job Video Transcript:

Loos & Co., Inc: More Than Just A Job Video Transcript:

My name is Richard

My name is Doreen

My name is Claire and I am a marketing assistant

I am a packer

I am a production supervisor for Loos and Company

I’ve been with the company just six months

I worked here for three years

This is my thirteenth year

I had a friend that worked here and said it was a great place to work and you know the pay was really and stuff like that, and nice people

So I applied and got hired

After gradating from sub school I was stationed aboard a 688 fast attack submarine right out of Electric Boat USS Pittsburgh SSN 720

After that moved to Danielson Connecticut and in 2008 the market crashed and I was unemployed

I applied at Loos and Company where fairly quickly I then had three interviews and I was hired

Once I graduated from UCONN I went to work as a journalist, I was a news reporter for a daily paper

And when the time was right and when I was interested in changing up a job I did my research and saw that this company was hiring for a marketing position so I applied, crossed my fingers and here I am

The biggest part of me coming into work everyday

The job, the pay, the people. We make fun still work

On second shift we’ve got probably 45 people and I highly respect everyone of them for what they do

We’re in this battle together and we laugh, we joke, we get it done. We’re family

I joined this company because I could see from the beginning there was a focus on training, growth, and achievement

I think everybody here is nourished and inspired to do their best, that’s always something I have been passionate about, always trying to level up, always trying to achieve

I get a paychek every week guaranteed and its good pay and you know values of working just one place until you retire instead of switching around all these jobs

We have a lot of opportunities for graphic design, copy editing, writing, photography, videography

Everyday is different and that’s why I like this job

Its definitely nice to work here because no one is breathing down your neck, Time your time, recheck it and work at your own pace, your partner sees you in trouble you got an extra that needs to go out, they she pitches right in or I pitch in with here, its gotta be team work

I lead a group of highly dedicated individuals that make precision strand, cable, and rope for the aircraft industry, for exercise cable, for medical that goes into human bodies

Lives are at stake and I couldn’t be more proud of the people who make it

I take my job very personal, I like to do the best in my work and I’m sure everyone else is. Especially knowing what it’s all about

Loos and Company will be able to help me level up and continue to grow in my career

The perks here I like, I like the outside cooking I think that’s great, if you refer someone here you get money

First and foremost they pay me extremely well, secondly its my benefits package

I have medical, dental, eye, and then my 401 k with a company match is amazing its just the best in the area

It’s been nice knowing that I’m valued here, my work is important here, but I still have time to do things I want to do personally whether that be on the weekends or a weeknight

And I think everybody understands here that to be your best at Loos and Company you still need to have a life

Everybody is interested in giving me the foundation I need here to succeed