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Certification Charges

                June 15, 2017


Dear Valued Customer:



Historically, it has been our practice to supply full Certificates of Conformance with shipment of our Military Specification and Commercial products free of charge when requested at the time you place your order with us. Due to the substantial time and labor costs involved in testing, managing, and supplying detailed product information, we find it necessary to begin charging for certifications. Starting July 1, 2017, charges will be assessed and added to your quotation, sales order, and invoice for each part or line item requiring the following information:


Product Certification

  • Certificate of Conformance                                        $ 25.00


Additional Charges

  • Regulatory Compliance (i.e. RoHS,                         $ 50.00 each regulation               


  • Revision Level (other than current)                      $ 50.00
  • Raw Material Certification (Mill Cert)                   $ 100.00
  • Dimensional Inspection Report                               $ 250.00
  • First Article Inspection (i.e AS9102,                       $ 500.00 - $1,000.00

PPAP, ISR, Validation Report)                                                 

  • Raw Material Test Report (Analysis)                    As Quoted
  • Other Customer Forms / Documents                    As Quoted
  • Additional Requests                                                   As Quoted


The prices noted above will be quoted and applied at the time of order. We require that the associated charges for this information be added as a line item to your purchase order. If the information above is requested after the order is placed, additional charges may be required. In certain instances, the information may not be available for reporting should the request come after the order is placed.


By publishing this list of charges, we hope to help you in planning and communicating these charges as needed in your organization, and at the time your order is placed. Please let us know if we can assist with additional information or if you have any questions.




Robert Davis

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Download a .pdf version here

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