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Loos & Co., Inc. Engineers Present at Killingly High School Career Center 10/07/2021

Loos & Co., Inc. Engineers Present at Killingly High School Career Center

Pomfret, CT, October 7, 2021 —

Pomfret’s Loos & Company is committed to connecting with the local community through outreach activities such as community service, monetary donation, and education. To continue that effort, four engineers visited Killingly High School Career Center to conduct a presentation on employment opportunities in manufacturing.

This presentation was held as part of the school’s Career Pathways program, aimed at helping students translate their general interests to future job prospects. Through job shadows, training courses, and other events, KHS introduces students to enthusiastic employers like Loos & Co., Inc.

“It was great to have an opportunity to speak to high school students with an interest in manufacturing,” said Anna McDonald, one of Loos & Company’s presenters. The engineers explained elements of their troubleshooting and engineering processes, highlighting concepts that students learn directly in the classroom. They also provided examples of products produced at their Pomfret Center facility, described their everyday activities, and answered questions about the different positions available. “My hope is that our presentation gave some insight into how gratifying a career in manufacturing can be,” McDonald enthused.

“A lot of emphasis is placed on exploration and investigation” said Donna Grant, Killingly High School’s Career Center Coordinator. “Our program helps position kids to be ready for college, military and workforce paths by guiding them through opportunities that align with their interests.”

Students begin their Career Pathway journey during freshman year, where they gain exposure to a wide range of vocations. By junior and senior year, they narrow their interests and attend classes targeted toward their desired occupation. They choose from 29 different pathway options, such as Business & Finance and meet with companies corresponding to their specialty. This particular presentation reached students focusing on engineering, manufacturing, and industrial design pathways.

For an in-depth look at Killingly High School’s Career Pathways program, visit https://www.killinglyschools.org/killingly-high-school/classrooms/career-center.

For a look at the different ways Loos & Company engages with the local community, visit https://www.loosco.com/corporate/community-commitment.php

Loos & Co., Inc. headquartered at 16B Mashamoquet Road in Pomfret Center, is the industry leader in the wire and cable industry. More information about Loos and current job opportunities is available at www.loosco.com.

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