Cable Assemblies

Loos and Company Custom Cable Assemblies

With over 50 years of experience, Loos and Company is the market leader for critical cable assembly applications. We can build you the highest quality cable assemblies for a reasonable price when you need them. We maintain large inventories of both bare and coated cable as well as fittings to satisfy your immediate needs. Our efficient work cells translate to short lead times for quick prototypes or thousands of assemblies. Our product specific pages will point you in the right direction for your application and design. 

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We provide cable assemblies for most applications, including:
- Military flight controls - Medical devices
- Automotive - Military
- Construction - Netting
- Displays - Railing
- Fall protection - Rescue hoists
- Fitness equipment  - Safety and security
- High mast lighting - Sailboat rigging
- Hunting/fishing - Sporting goods
- Lighting fixtures - Structural
- Machinery - Theatrical
- Marine - Winching
Material Handling - Custom Applications

Loos and Company Custom Cable Assemblies

Loos and Company Custom Cable Assemblies
We stock thousands of fittings to meet your assembly needs. Loos and Company offers a full line of commercial and military specification hardware products manufactured by our Cableware® Division. If you can’t find exactly what you need, our full capability machine shop can make it for you!

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Aircraft Control & Military Cable Assemblies

Our cable assemblies are a critical element in both the highly specialized aircraft industry and on mission critical military applications. Because of our experience and proven attention to the highest level of quality assurance, we supply nearly all major military and commercial aircraft manufacturers. Loos & Company is licensed by Lockheed Martin to manufacture C-130 B-H Certified Parts for global distribution. Click the following link to learn more about aircraft control and military cable assemblies.

Aircraft control and military cable assemblies
Loos and Company Commercial Cable Assemblies 

Commercial Cable Assemblies

Our manufacturing cells are state of the art. Our value is unbeatable. Our inventory is the industry’s largest. We have the capability to produce assemblies for every application in a timely, cost sensitive manner. For volumes ranging from one to one million, trust us to deliver the highest quality cable assemblies—any market, on time, every time. Learn more about commercial cable assemblies.

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