Fitness Cable

Loos and Company Jewel Wire Division

Because Quality and Performance Matter

For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness manufacturers have relied on EXERFLEXPRO® cable as the ONLY cable used in their equipment. Designed and manufactured in the USA, EXERFLEXPRO® builds on Loos & Company’s tradition of providing fitness equipment OEMs, equipment owners, and equipment repair professionals the highest level of cable performance and safety on the market.

Why EXERFLEX PRO is the superior choice:

It enhances user experience.

Equipment owners will see an immediate return after installing EXERFLEXPRO. Cable smoothness and flexibility will provide their customers with a top quality exercise experience.

It reduces the cost of ownership.

Equipment owners will require fewer service calls and less downtime for their equipment. Repair professionals can eliminate the need for multiple service calls to replace inferior cables.

It provides unmatched safety.

Each lot of EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cable by Loos & Co., Inc. is tested and certified – reducing failures under strain and lessening the risk of injury.

It ensures long cable life.<

Manufacturers and owners rely on EXERFLEXPRO® for an extended service life in their equipment. Strict quality standards and extensive testing ensure that cable meets the strength and endurance required on today’s fitness equipment. And we don’t-just say it, we certify it in writing.