Loos and Company HideWire

Loos and Company HideWire is the premium livestock containment system currently on the market. HideWire is a flat wrapped cable that is used as fencing in feedlots and pastures. What makes HideWire different is its smooth exterior surface that protects animal hides from abrasion scars caused by inferior forms of fencing, such as barbed wire, wood, and others. Loos and Company HideWire is a stronger, more durable solution and is up to any challenge a rancher may come across. Because quality and performance matter, trust Loos and Company HideWire products.

Loos and Company wants to make sure that the only down time your operation sees is when you schedule it. When dealing with hundreds or thousands of livestock, safety and performance are no laughing matter. Loos and Company has a rich tradition of integrating only the highest quality manufacturing techniques to ensure that we exceed our strict performance standards. Loos and Company HideWire is the clear market leader in livestock corral systems. Call your current farm products supplier or contact us and ask for our HideWire products by name.
Loos and Company HideWire

HideWire Specifications

Part Number


Outer Diameter

.179" ± .003" 

Inner Diameter

.141" ± .002"

Break Strength

4,000 lbs

Weight Per 100 ft:

7.45 lbs

Reel Sizes:


Loos and Company Flat Wrap Wire
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