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Filtration & Separation

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Knitted wire mesh is used in many applications as to air or liquid filtration product. However, when your job calls for a which will be exposed to high temperatures and other extreme conditions, knitted wire mesh can and should be used.

Knitted wire mesh consists of wires of various metals that have been knitted into a mesh structure — creating a matrix of interlocking loops that can move freely in the same plane without distorting the mesh. Each loop of knitted wire mesh acts as a spring when subjected to compressive stress. Thus, filters of compressed knitted metal mesh yield when subjected to the stresses of shock and vibration, yet depending on the construction, can immediately recover to 90% of their original size when the force is removed.

Benefits of our knitted wire mesh used in filtration applications include:
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Immunmechanicalnical stress
  • Impervious to chemical corrosion
  • Withstands extreme thermal shock
  • Lasts four times longer than competing products
  • Competitively priced
Like all of our products, knitted wire mesh is available in a variety of alloys and materials for all applications. Please see our alloy specifications page for a full listing.

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