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Knitted wire mesh is proven to work best in harsh conditions. Because the product is naturally made with no seals or ribs, it offers excellent performance in gasketing and sealing applications. Additionally, because knitted wire mesh is essentially a complex spring, its compression characteristics and resiliency features give it an inherent resistance to mechanical wear.
Although stainless steel is the most common material used to create knitted wire mesh,  Loos & Co., Inc. is able to manufacture specialty alloys for specific applications, including aluminum and copper. In gasketing and sealing applications, it is critical that the material is able to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining its form. And knitted wire mesh can do just that! 

Gaskets and seals made of knitted wire mesh can be used in many applications, including, but not limited to: 
  • Exhaust system gasket seals: It's no secret that exhaust systems tend to be characterized by extreme temperatures, corrosion, vibration, and thermal shock. Many times, these factors compromise the ablility of seals to perform. Our high quality knitted wire mesh is able to withstand these conditions and allow the seals to perform the essential duties they were designed to do.
  • Furnace, oven, and boiler joints: Gaskets which are used as sealers in furnaces, ovens, and boilers can either be tubular or flat. Unlike other gaskets, knitted wire gaskets are able to reused, making their return on investment far higher.
  • High-temperature door seals: Doors which are exposed to high temperatures and are opened and closed frequently must have gaskets in place which can hold up in these conditions. Knitted wire mesh gaskets have been proven to be able to perform in this type of environment.
Like all of our products, knitted wire mesh is available in a variety of alloys and materials for all applications. Please see our alloy specifications page for a full listing. 
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