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Mufflers & Silencers

Loos and Company Knitted Wire Mesh Mufflers
Knitted wire mesh mufflers and silencers provide enough accessible surfaces that sound waves always have something to bounce off of, essentially trapping them inside the element. It's mainly used for mufflers and silencers in small engines or motorized tools due to its ability to perform under extreme temperatures and in corrosive environments.
Some of the advantages of using our knitted wire mesh in your muffler or silencing application include:
  • Light in weight compared to other materials
  • Easy to install
  • Adaptable to a wide range of design configurations
  • Resistant to high temperatures, cryogenics, and corrosion
  • A wide range of material selection
Like all of our products, knitted wire mesh is available in a variety of alloys and materials for all applications. Please see our alloy specifications page for a full listing.

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