Knitted Wire Mesh - Vibration Dampening


Vibration Dampening

Loos and Company Knitted Wire Mesh Vibration Dampening
Its interlocking loop structure makes knitted wire mesh the preferred material for shock and vibration absorption. In a compressed form, it can handle shock loadings as high as the yield strength of the material itself. Known for its high resiliency, its ability to endure hostile environments gives knitted wire mesh a distinct advantage over competing materials. Other advantages of knitted wire mesh include:
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Increased durability with less effect from the environment
  • Reduces wear and tear on critical piping or delicate tubing on aircraft, marine, or other transit equipment when used as clamps for retainers
Like all of our products, knitted wire mesh is available in a variety of alloys and materials for all applications. Please see our alloy specifications page for a full listing.

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