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Knitted Wire Mesh Capabilities

Knitted wire mesh has a distinct advantage over other forms of wire due to its unique form. The interlocking loops each act as a spring so that when exposed to tensile stress, it is far more resilient.

When you purchase from Loos & Co., Inc., you can choose to purchase in bulk. Many of our customers find it beneficial as it reduces cost and lead time.

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Additional KWM Information

Our Process

Loos and Company Knitted Wire Mesh

Loos and Company Knitted Wire Mesh

Manufacturing Process

The knitted wire mesh manufacturing process forms wire into a series of interlocking loops to create a flexible cylinder of material. The "sleeve" of knitted wire mesh is then formed into a roll and further processed by flattening, shaping, crimping, over-knitting, or custom processes to satisfy your performance requirements.

Capabilities and Equipment

In our fully integrated mill, wire from .002" to .035" diameter can be knitted to produce sleeves ranging from 1" to 16" wide, in soft or hard tempers. These sleeves can then be stacked and rolled for noise dampening and fluid filtering applications, in light, medium, and heavy density. Our quality department provides full measurement capability, including tensile and compression testing. We offer crimping, shaping, cutting, and final assembly to create the specialized products you need in your application. For a complete overview of our capabilities, or to have a custom design quoted, send us an inquiry.


Our knitted wire mesh is manufactured from a with a variety of metals and alloys available from stock. For materials available, please contact us to locate the correct alloy. For detailed alloy specifications, view all available alloys.