Knitting Wire

Loos and Company Knitting Wire

With over 50 years of experience, Loos and Company provides the highest level of quality and performance in our knitting wire products. As a manufacturer, we control the process from start to finish so we can offer a wide range of alloys and sizes to meet any requirement. Because quality and performance matter, trust Loos and Company for all of your knitting wire needs.

Wire Drawing 

At Loos and Company, our fully integrated wire mill creates a streamlined manufacturing environment where quality is preserved throughout the process. Our knitting wire is drawn in a multiple step process that creates wire in diameters from .0025” to .035” with a variety of tensile strengths and mechanical properties. Often, this knitting wire is used in the manufacture of knitted wire mesh, as well as other similar products.

Loos and Company Knitting Wire


-MONEL 400-Copper Alloys
-HASTELLOY C-276-Aluminium Alloys