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Glossary of Terms

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  • Cable
  • Cable Clamp
  • Cable Fitting
  • Cable Railings
  • Cable-Laid Wire Rope
  • Centers
  • Choker
  • Clevis
  • Clip
  • Come-along
  • Common Strand
  • Conical Drum
  • Construction
  • Continuous Bend
  • Conveyor Rope
  • Cord
  • Core
  • Coring Line
  • Corrosion
  • Country of Origin
  • Critical Diameter
  • Cylindrical Drum

  • Cable
    A term loosely applied to wire ropes, wire strands, and electrical conductors

    Cable Clamp
    A style of hardware that consists of a threaded U-Bolt and a saddle

    Cable Fitting
    Synonymous with cable hardware

    Cable Railings
    A railing system made from wire rope and fittings. Frequently used in porches, decks, stairways, and walkways

    Cable-Laid Wire Rope
    A type of wire rope consisting of several wire ropes laid into a single wire rope

    Wire, strand or fiber in the center of a strand about which the wires are laid

    Short wire rope sling used to form a slip noose around the object to be moved or lifted

    A "U" shaped fitting with pin

    Fitting for clamping two parts of wire rope

    Device for making a temporary grip on a wire rope

    Common Strand
    Galvanized strand made of galvanized iron wire whose grade is common iron

    Conical Drum
    Grooved hoisting drum of tapering diameter

    Design of wire rope including number of strands, number of wires per strand, and arrangement of wires in each strand

    Continuous Bend
    Reeving of wire rope over sheaves and drums so that it bends in the same direction, as opposed to reverse bend

    Conveyor Rope
    Parallel endless wire ropes used to carry material

    Term applied to small sizes of wire ropes

    Member of a wire rope about which the strands are laid. It may be fiber, a wire strand, or an independent wire rope

    Coring Line
    Wire rope used to operate the coring tool for taking core samples during the drilling of a well

    Chemical decomposition of the wires of a rope by exposure to moisture, acids, alkalines, or other destructive agents

    Country of Origin
    The country in which a wire rope (or component thereof) was manufactured

    Critical Diameter
    Diameter of the smallest bend for a given wire rope which permits the wires and strands to adjust themselves by relative movement while remaining in their normal position

    Cylindrical Drum
    Hoisting drum of uniform diameter