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Glossary of Terms

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  • Safe Working Load
  • Sash Cord
  • Seale
  • Seize
  • Seizing Strand
  • Seizing Wire
  • Serve
  • Shackle
  • Sheave
  • Siemens-Martin Strand
  • Sleeve
  • Slings
  • Slings, Braided
  • Smooth Faced Drum
  • Spiral Groove
  • Splicing
  • Stainless Steel Rope
  • Stake Eye
  • Steel Clad Rope
  • Stone Swaging Strand
  • Strand
  • Stretch, Elastic
  • Stretch, Structural
  • Stud
  • Swaged Fittings

  • Safe Working Load
    Proper load which the rope may carry economically and safely

    Sash Cord
    Term applied to small 6x7 wire ropes commonly made of iron, bronze or copper wires

    A strand construction having one size of cover wires with the same number of one size of wires in the inner layer and each layer having the same length and direction of lay

    To bind securely the end of a wire rope or strand with seizing wire or strand

    Seizing Strand
    Small strand usually of 7 wires made of soft annealed wire

    Seizing Wire
    Soft annealed wire

    To cover the surface of a wire rope or strand with a wrapping of fiber cord

    A "U" shaped fitting with pin

    A grooved pulley for use with rope

    Siemens-Martin Strand
    A grade of galvanized strand

    A style of hardware that allows wire rope to be doubled back on itself in order to create a loop end

    Wire ropes made into forms, with or without fittings, for handling loads and so made as to permit the attachment of an operating rope

    Slings, Braided
    A very flexible sling composed of several individual wire ropes braided into a single sling

    Smooth Faced Drum
    Drum with a plain face, not grooved

    Spiral Groove
    Groove which follows the path of a helix around the drum, as the thread of a screw

    Interweaving of two ends of ropes so as to make a continuous or endless length without appreciably increasing the diameter. Also making a loop or eye in the end of a rope by tucking the ends of the strands

    Stainless Steel Rope
    Wire rope made of chrome-nickel steel wires having great resistance to corrosion

    Stake Eye
    A style of hardware stamped from sheet metal to include an eye and a U-Shaped shank for swaging onto wire rope or aircraft cable. This hardware is similar to, but much sturdier than, wire ends used in the electrical industry

    Steel Clad Rope
    Rope with individual strands spirally wrapped with flat steel wire

    Stone Swaging Strand
    Usually a 3-wire strand used in quarrying stone or slate

    An arrangement of wires helically laid about an axis. or another wire or fiber center to produce a symmetrical section

    Stretch, Elastic
    The actual physical elongation of individual wires under load

    Stretch, Structural
    The lengthening of the lay in construction as wires adjust under load

    Swaged fitting that is often threaded to provide a method of attaching a cable assembly to some other item or end point

    Swaged Fittings
    Fittings in which wire rope is inserted and attached by cold flowing method