Loos and Company Cable and Wire Rope Specifications

Loos and Company manufactures wire rope, cable, and strand to the military, O.E.M., or international specifications below

Wire rope, flexible, for aircraft control (supersedes MIL-W-83420, MIL-C-5424 and MIL-W-1511) DMS 2454 Douglas Material Specification “Wire strand, aircraft, nonflexible, tin-over-zinc coated”
Wire rope, non flexible, for aircraft application (supersedes MIL-W-87161, MIL-W-5693 and MIL-W-6940) DMS 2114 Douglas Material Specification “Wire rope, steel, nonflexible”
Cable, steel (corrosion-resisting, non-magnetic) flexible, preformed (for aeronautical use) (supersedes MIL-W-18375) DMS 1989 Douglas Material Specification “Wire rope, steel, nylon-coated”
Cable, lockclad, for aircraft control BAMS 511-011 Bombardier Aerospace Material Specification “Wire cable for aircraft control systems”
Wire Rope Assemblies, Aviation, Swage Type
BS24917 Raytheon Aircraft “Wire rope, steel, flexible for aircraft flight control systems”
Wire ropes, stainless steel preformed, non-rotation, for aircraft rescue hoist and cargo handling (winching) (supersedes MIL-W-83140) CM3862 Cessna Aircraft “Control cable-corrosion resistant”
MIL-W-18242 Wire rope and wire rope assemblies; single leg-corrosion resisting steel, minesweeping CMS 511-01 Bombardier (Canadair Div.) “Wire cable for aircraft control systems”
RR-W-410 Federal Specification for Wire Rope and Strand GL505H Northrop Grumman “Lanyard cable-plastic covered”
MIL-DTL-5688 Wire Rope Assemblies; Aircraft, Proof Testing and Prestretching  P100 General Dynamics “Wire rope, flexible, CRES, coated and uncoated”
ASTM A1023 / A1023M  Stranded Carbon Steel Wire Ropes for General Purposes P101 General Dynamics “Wire rope, flexible, carbon steel, plastic coated and uncoated"
BMS 7-265 Boeing Material Specification “Wire Rope for Aircraft Controls-Flexible” PS 60043 New Piper Aircraft “Limited relaxation control cable"
DMS 2187 Douglas Material Specification “Wire Rope, Aircraft, 7 X 31 Warrington-Seale, IWRC” ISO 2020 International Standards Org. “Preformed flexible steel wire rope for aircraft controls"
DMS 2192 Douglas Material Specification “Wire rope, aircraft, 6 X 31 Warrington-Seale, IWRC” BS 2W 12:1989 British Aerospace Standard “Preformed zinc coated carbon steel wire rope for aerospace applications"
DMS 2453 Douglas Material Specification “Wire rope, aircraft, nylon jacketed and tin-over-zinc coated”

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