The New Face of Manufacturing Video Transcript

The New Face of Manufacturing Video Transcript:

My name is Neha

My name is Amanda

My name is Ade

I am a cabletech supervisor

I am an SEO specialist

I am a Network Administrator

I came from working actually two jobs

I worked at a company that was based on education, definitely different than manufacturing

I was working in Nigeria. I saw the opportunity to become a Network Administrator and I came to Loos and Company

I saw there was a community outreach type program and that is something I look for. I like to be in something that gives back to people so that peaked my interest more

I believe what I’m doing is very very important, if the email is not working there is not going to be any sales email for people to manufacture stuff and if people cannot manufacture stuff, if they cannot make the wires that we make then the plane can be grounded

The lives of some people can be very very at stake

Not only do I get to work with my team on both shifts, we get to help out our sister and other locations, we get to help inter-departmentally as well

What I’m doing here maybe small but its bigger

CWI acquired Loos and Company prior to my coming on board. However, there are changes that have been made since I started and I think they’ve all been good changes

I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to grow my skills

When we hire new employees we give them time to acclimate into the system, we train them

Processes have been standardized not just across departments but site as well as increases in pay for individuals and changes to policies

Loos donates to different organizations, they also do many other community outreach activities

Loos gave me the opportunity to use the training that I have and I am using it effectively and Im able to use it to solve on the exchange problems that we had

I manage 13 websites, I think as an SEO person and bring on board my SEO skills I think I have been able to monetize the way we promote our website

We definitely outpace the competition with digital marketing

The biggest challenge I had coming onto Loos and Company is learning something I never had been exposed to being wire, cable, and rope

But I’m slowly getting the hang of what it is we manufacture, how its manufactured, and why its manufactured the way it is

What keeps me coming in every day is learning more in my field and that is something I wanted to dive in more as an SEO specialist

I think that Loos and Company is a very great company and it feels right. It gives me a kind of place to learn more and grow in my experience

They say the greatest investment someone can have is the investment in yourself and your experience, so wherever you go, you take that

If you’re looking to start a career or expand your career, Loos is the company for you

At Loos and Company we are the new face of manufacturingText here....